Castle of Three Kingdoms

From the Moil to Edda

New Beginning

The group was in the Moil, Tomb of Horrors searching for the demi-lich Acererak. After scaling to the top, passing through the mouth gate of The Devourer after destroying both of it's eyes, and battling in the feasting hall they came to rest before moving on. As they did another group of adventurers met up with them.

This new group offered to alleviate the effects of the doors, such as Makla's donkey head, and Arguis' old age. Casting the ritual and showing the party in conjunction how to perform it, they cured the group of any problems they had. The other groups mage offered to transport them to their own world where they would surely find work more suited for them, or at the very least asked them to wait while they worked ahead before adventuring further into the Moil. Makla, being the leader, deemed it best to find work elsewhere.

They were told they would be traveling to Edda, a place which only in the past few hundred years had even come to know magic, and the gods that granted their favor. It was told that they would be looking for a tavern there called the Inconspicuous Bear, you can't miss it. They were also told they would find more information about the mysterious blue badges that they wore.

Walking through the portal the giant building of the Inconspicuous Bear lay before them. Upon entering the group saw a giant black mirror. It flickered, then showed a group of people fighting some goblins. A man named Omar showed up and claimed he was the owner of the tavern. He offered them badges of whichever color they wished from one of the kingdoms. While the group was inquiring and debating the possible merits of the different kingdom badges Makla decided they should go with the blue.

With their badges pinned, Omar handed them tokens to go see Morummad the Haggler over at the armory in the tavern which they could trade with for gear. On their way over a lady named Marla met Makla as a fellow priest of Pelor. She said she had work for them if they would agree to help. On their way to see Morummad she explained that in a land through a portal at the temple one of her contacts reports that the people of the land have lost their connection to Pelor. They were to meet Marla's contact, Moyshanna, and attempt to restore the good will of Pelor to the people. Makla agreed that they would take the contract, knowing that restoring the will of Pelor to be of the highest honor.

Approaching the counter of the armory, a large ghost like creature is seen giving orders to a man being ordered to fetch gear. From the shouting it's obvious this skinny, bearded man is named Herr Dokt. The group trades in their tokens for new, or even better gear, and Morummad explains that some specialized gear is off limits. He waves to the blue section that they can grab gear from if they manage to entertain well enough.

Lead to the Temple of Pelor by Marla they are shown the portal. Marla explains that if they should just follow the road up they would surely run into Vaester. "Remember, ask for Moyshanna! Red hair, pale skin, black eyes. Like most Shadar-kai warriors!" Marla shouts as the group proceeds through the temple portal.

Walking up the road to the city ahead they spot a cemetery with a large crowd around it. As they drew near they could hear the shouts from one of the men near a tomb “Pelor, I beseech thee! Return this worthy warrior back to life!” Beside the priest, a well dressed older man can barely contain his sobs of grief. The rest of the crowd looked no happier, and many of them made protective signs as they mumbled, “Pelor has abandoned us,” and “A curse has been placed upon this town,” and “Poor, poor Jothan.”

Against a mausoleum nearby Remnar spotted a figure what looked to be their contact. Moyshanna explained that a local nobleman's son, Jothan, had passed recently. And that this was the fourth time the ritual to return him to this world. "Just watch…." Moyshanna said, as the priest of Pelor finished the ritual. “… in Pelor’s name I call you forth, Jothan! Return to life!” the young priest demands, completing the final steps of the ritual. The body on the slab in the open mausoleum didn’t move. A terrible wind drives forth, surrounding the boy's body and pushing into the crowd. A scream of an other-worldly voice says "This one is mine!" as the wind draws back into a mist that forms on the face of the priest, taking a draconic shape.

As a scared crowd begins to disperse, rain begins to fall heavy from a dreary sky. The doors on the other side of the mausoleum blast off and a Wight comes forth as four wraiths rise from the graveyard. The group, along with Moyshanna, battle the undead; even as the undead attack fleeing crowd members. Quickly dispatched, Moyshanna turns to the Noble, older looking man and says "See Sir Halumoor, I told you it wouldn't work. If you and Beldan had let me do my job earlier this could have been avoided." Turning back to the group she offers to lead them to what she thinks the source of the problem could be. Explaining that she thinks the foul source is somewhere in the Gloomdeep, she would also like help tackling Tomb of Sartine. The group agrees, after heading to the town to rest for the night. Ready to set to the task in the morning.


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